2020 brought us all so many unexpected surprises. For Jennifer and her family, these included a move to Nashville, TN during a worldwide pandemic. Since arriving she's been busy learning all she can about the music business, songwriting, and recording. She released 'I Like Your Jeans', her first single, in October and is now writing her first album, which should be released in Fall of 2021. She's excited to be planning a small club tour for Spring of 2022 in the Southeastern region of the US and can't wait to share the new songs with everyone!

So, what's the sound?

Anyone who has been to her show can tell you that Jennifer loves old jazz, soul, and R&B the most. A fan of singing everything else though too, Jennifer began exploring genres like country, roots, blues, and americana upon arriving in Nashville. Now, she hopes to make a record that blends it all together in a way that pays homage to the artists she's always loved AND today's fans who expect to hear fresh arrangements and music that means something.