I Like Your Jeans

2020 has been a whole mood. A friend of mine has a witty teenage daughter who describes things in moods and I think that's appropriate for 2020.

2020 is the incredibly moody year of the COVID 19 global pandemic. The year that my husband and I sold our home in Colorado and moved to Nashville... in the midst of a global pandemic. It's the petulant year that my adopted son turned 16 and my stepdaughter moved out of our house and into her future, in the midst of what is being called a global pandemic. 2020 is the year I started releasing cover songs on social media, at the ancient age of 37, and it's the year I will release my first original song, apparent global pandemic (and age) be damned.

What can I say, I've always been a rebel.

This year has been rife with strife. America has erupted into unrest, civil disobedience, protests, riots, and the continued senseless killings of American citizens. Some business owners have lost their life's work, neighborhoods have become increasingly unsafe, and many of our human family have lost their lives. Families have been torn apart. People are afraid to face each other without the hazy safety of a mask. Once jovial places like coffee shops, gyms, cafes, and bars have become quiet, tense, and burdened with the protocols of safety. It's practically an act of rebellion to meet someone new and shake their hand. I don't have solutions to any of these problems, I'm just a singer. But, I do have the desire to bring joy and a sense of light heartedness to my listeners and to myself.

So, my first single is a bit cheeky! It's all about the spark of connection between two people, something that begins with carnal attraction but grows into something more... complicated. Is it a love triangle or just unrequited love? Is it passion with no commitment or the long journey we all must take to get to the steadfast relationship many of us crave? Is it simply unexpected attraction to someone different than the norm or hidden desperation that drives people together, out of fear?

As with all music, it's up to the listener to decide.

I Like Your Jeans will be released on all streaming platforms October 1, 2020!

The song has a retro vibe that marries a rebellious rockabilly guitar with a swampy beat that always makes me think of True Blood and the deliciously southern vampires that ruled that plane. The lyrics cast the female as the hungry predator, the devouring witch, and the vulnerable lover... and an silly article of clothing as the instigator of it all.

I hope you'll join my email list and follow my social media channels to join me on this journey. More music is in the works!

Thank you for being here, friend.







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