I sing because I'm free.” - Ms. Lauryn Hill

Assisted into this world at an Alaskan military hospital, by a drunk doctor who broke her left arm during her birth, Jennifer Lauren's obsession with singing began as a way to entertain herself during the times that she was away from her Mom - who enlisted as a teenager in the 70's because she is a stone cold bad ass mamajama.

Tenacious by nature, Jennifer was raised primarily by her courageous African American/German Mom and, eventually, also by a wonderfully patient and steadfast Mexican American Dad. She was fueled by her multicultural family and absorbed a broad selection of genres that included everything from world beats to worship.

For the last ten years Jennifer has been honing her craft as a bandleader, vocalist, and memorable performer in the idyllic lands of Fort Collins, Colorado. There, she was a well known and respected live performer dedicated to keeping the sounds of R&B/Soul alive in her community - where it was a very uncommon genre. For that reason, Jennifer Lauren founded a music collective called Soul Revival that welcomed and encouraged musicians and performers of all varieties to express themselves through soulful music, dance, comedy, and poetry. Her monthly tribute shows to great soul singers like Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and Nina Simone were consistently sold out, Soul Revival was nominated for a PEER Award by FoCoMA, and Jennifer received 2nd place awards in two categories during the 2019 FoCo Fringe Fest for her original co-production of Stronger Than Me, an expose styled musical that revealed the depth of Amy Winehouse's brilliance through the songs she wrote and loved. 

Now new to Nashville, Jennifer Lauren is working on her first album and, for the first time, is creating her own original music that honors both her multicultural ancestry and her deep love for soulful storytelling. Her first single was released independently on October 1st, 2020, and will be followed by more new music early in 2021.

When asked about her hopes for her music, Jennifer said, "Music is about dealing with emotions. Good emotions, bad emotions, sexy emotions... all the emotions. Emotions come in so many shades that there will never be enough musicians to express them all. Music creates moments that matter to us, memories that would otherwise pass us forgettably, and inspiration to feel differently about ourselves and our world. That is my only hope for my music. That it creates little moments that matter... to someone."